Stop judging according to outward appearances

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         We are told in the Bible to

John 7:24 King James Version (KJV)
 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

Yet how many of us have interrupted someone and started shooting off at the mouth before they were done saying what needed to be said? How many of us have seen posts being shared on social media and commented on them based off the title alone, only guessing what is in it?  I know that I am guilty, but I now realize the depth of my error.
I posted a video on Facebook yesterday featuring two Christians, and a man who recently renounced his faith. After watching the video, I believe that deep down inside that he is really a troubled Christian rather than an atheist, after all, he still WANTS CHRISTIANITY TO BE TRUE. But this particular person wasn’t really the reason that I shared the video, many people have endured a crisis of faith where they needed someone that understood the issues to talk to. The two guys that he was talking to did. I felt that everyone could learn to allot from their conversation.  Instead, they spent their time judging the state of this guy’s heart.
This made me so cranky I almost deleted my Facebook account (a lot of other things were happening too.) I turned snappy so the people in question may have had their day ruined too. If they didn’t want to watch the video they should have just scrolled on passed without judging something that they know nothing about.  It may mean a considerable reduction in how much we post, and how much we respond to, but I highly suggest we spend less time sharing and more time making sure we actually know the articles we talk about actually said instead of guessing.

This is the video that I shared.


One of humanity’s biggest problems.

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One of our biggest problems is we miss what we don’t have, and are not grateful for what we do.

A person living on the street may be wishing for a simple roof, a person who gets a roof will be happy for a day or two, but then he is too busy wishing he had four walls to be grateful for the roof.  Then he will want a real house, then a better house, then even a better house. That seems fair to a point, but at some point, we need to be grateful for what we have. If our goal post for happiness keeps moving, it will never be attained.

Look at those folks in Hollywood for example, those who didn’t already have famous parents often started off as waitresses or other professions that often don’t make much money. They said back then that they would be grateful for a chance to act in a commercial.  Well, they got that commercial, but instead of being grateful for more than a day, they got hungry for more and bigger parts. Years down the road they have more than most people ever wished for. Yet they are not happy and not grateful, they frequently ditch their spouses and trade them for a new and “better” model, abuse substances,  end up in rehab, or even commit suicide.
Some of these people who should be deliriously happy, are just plain miserable.

I believe that  part of their problem is that somewhere along the line they quit being grateful and started being entitled.  America in general seems to suffer from a lack of gratitude as well.