Why Every Child Deserves Married Parents And A Society Who Helps Them Get That

Why Every Child Deserves Married Parents Every child deserves to live with a married mother and father who love them and are committed to each other.
By Ryan Everson
There’s so much to love about a good wedding. Between the mountainous cake, the glamorous decorations, and most importantly, the bride and groom holding back tears as they take their solemn vows, weddings are quite a scene to behold. Life rarely provides more beautiful moments.
The beauty of marriage extends far beyond the wedding day. In fact, strong marriages improve nearly every area of life, securing the financial, emotional, and educational well-being of the people they unite and the children they bring into the world.
The passage of time hasn’t changed any of that. As we commemorate National Marriage Week, we should take a moment to reflect on the pivotal role marriage plays in creating a healthy society, and what happens when that role is neglected.

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Praying for our leaders means praying for freedom | In My Father’s House

I haven’t been taking this election and it’s results very well, but it has caused me to try to ween myself off of Facebook, and delve deeper into my spiritual life.  I am so grateful for this post I found today! 

Okay, the election is over. What should be our heart’s posture be as followers of Christ after what has transpired? What do we do when it appears our new President was elected by fraudulent means? We certainly can expose what happened, fight against it, and criticize it, which I have done here, but if we want to please God, we should fervently pray for him and all our political leaders.

Source: Praying for our leaders means praying for freedom | In My Father’s House