The Prosperity Gospel

One of common myths in church today is the belief that if we do everything right, and have enough faith our lives on Earth will be filled with health, wealth, and happiness. While we will certainly avoid falling into many traps the world lays for us if we continually follow the word of God, there is one person who followed God’s will perfectly from birth. That person is Christ. He, however, lived a life of poverty, rejection from people he loved and experienced one of the most painful murders that mankind has ever created.
The disciples were far from perfect, after Christ Resurrection when they had all actually walked and talked with him I doubt a single human has ever had more faith than them, yet they endured poverty, imprisonment, torture, and most an excruciating death. Yes, we have joy, but not the kind that you get when you win the lottery, the kind of joy that you get when you walk out of a prison cell and know that no matter what happens you are on your way home to someone who loves you more than his very life.  If Jesus did not have enough faith to experience the kind of prosperity that many preach about today, NO ONE HAS!

Burying Brahman by Terrell Clemmons – Salvo Magazine

Rabi Maharaj knew from a young age that he had been born into the highest caste of Hindu society. His father, one of the most worshipped Yogis on his home island of Trinidad, had renounced all worldly attachments to seek through meditation the ultimate goal of Hindu spirituality—Self-realization and unity with Brahman, the One Being that lies within. From before Rabi was born in 1947 until his death when Rabi was eight, he sat in the lotus position, spine straight, eyes staring yet seeing nothing, uttering not a word, day in and day out. Nothing was more important than the daily transcendental meditation, which, according to the beloved Hindu god Krishna, was the surest way to eternal Bliss.

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Johan van Hulst

Johan van Hulst was a Dutch school director, university professor, author, chess player and politician in the Christian Historical Union (CHU), a defunct political party now merged into the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA). He received global recognition for his role in rescuing hundreds of Jewish children from the nursery of the Hollandsche Schouwburg, Amsterdam in 1943 before they would have been deported to Nazi concentration camps. For his humanitarian actions, he received the Yad Vashem Distinction as a Righteous Among the Nations from the State of Israel in 1970
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