Where is the Love?

Is it just me, or does every election mark a more hateful society? People are actually wishing death on all those who are on a different political side than they are. THIS SHOULD NOT BE! Yeah, I know that discussions with others on the other political side can get frustrating, and can tempt you to say words that you shouldn’t, but the Bible says:

Romans 12:20-21
20 But If your enemy is hungry, feed him.
If he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
For in so doing
you will be heaping fiery coals on his head.
21 Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good
Holman Christian Standard Bible

No it isn’t saying that fiery coals are nice, it is figurative, have you ever been really mad at someone and they return that anger with a favor? When you were younger your Mom probably told you “No” a lot, and you being a child of course got angry. But all she had to do was pull out a cookie or other nice thing and she was your favorite person again. If however you were being a brat that day you might throw the cookie across the room in a temper tantrum. You are an adult now, you don’t have to get angry like that. Show them the love of God. If they become more even tempered, you may earn yourself a friend, or at very least make it harder for the person to think that your side is terrible. If they throw their cookie across the room like a toddler throwing a tantrum, you have gotten your revenge without bringing yourself down to their level. Pray for them, and move on.

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Day 5 – We Believe – Devotions From Newsboys | The Bible App | Bible.com

Devotional “Enemy” | Newsboys devotion When we look in the mirror, sometimes the reflection staring back at us is our own worst enemy. If we will let them, the world will feed us lies that will beat our self-worth into the ground. Culture will tell us there’s no bigger purpose in our pain, no relief for our addictions. We’re quick to convince ourselves our actions don’t matter and even quicker to blame someone else, always looking for a scapegoat and a stone to throw. Used to think You didn’t care / Was just a pawn in the game You were playin’ / Puttin’ walls up everywhere / Never thought You heard a word I was prayin’ There will always be someone else to blame. But that’s the easy way out, the cowardly escape route. It’s much harder to bravely admit that we’ve messed up, that it’s our fault and we can’t fix what we’ve done. Sometimes the only thing that stands in the way of becoming all that God created us to be is an arrogant, distorted view of ourselves.

Source: Day 5 – We Believe – Devotions From Newsboys | The Bible App | Bible.com

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