Abortion is it moral?

Pregnant woman with ultrasound scan
Abortion-What is it?
Before we can ask about the morality of anything, we have to know what it is.
After all, no one complains if you want a wart or cancer removed from your body. but many do complain about abortion. If abortion is just like a wart, who cares do what you want with your body. But there are differences between an abortion and wart removal.
The first major difference is everything that is part of your body, even your warts have your DNA. No one in the world, except maybe your identical twin has your DNA. The thing that is being removed during an abortion has a similar but different DNA pattern. It’s DNA is 50% yours, and 50% of its DNA is the DNA of the father.

Since the DNA isn’t your DNA we know that it isn’t your body. It is just inside your body, and even though it isn’t your body it is distinctly human.

So abortion is removing a human being from the environment that he or she needs to survive.

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Part 2  Yes, the fetus is different from a baby.

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