11 silly things that some atheists say. | Historical Jesus studies.

Some deny that atheism is a belief.
By common sense, and the ability to just see with your own two eyes, this statement is refuted. I walk into the bookstore and head to my favourite sections: religion, atheism, philosophy. I will see a pile of atheist books, oh but wait! These books are nothing, according to some atheists, but some author’s writing on the “lack of a belief” in God. That doesn’t make sense, I wouldn’t write a book on my “lack of belief” in unicorns, I write a book because I believe unicorns don’t exist, and I provide arguments to back that up.

It is also obvious that in these atheist books, and in their debates, they make arguments that they “believe” (big emphasis) prove that God does not exist, or that he likely does not exist.

It’s kind of like saying I don’t have any beliefs myself even though I believe your belief is wrong. It falls foul to the law of self-contradiction.

via 11 silly things that some atheists say. | Historical Jesus studies..

What is your Worldview, and why?


     A worldview is like a set of glasses in which you see the world. For example the phrase “rose colored glasses” means that the person sees everything in the best way possible, or they have an optimistic worldview.

Everyone has a worldview, but they do not always realize it. Your worldview centers around four basic questions.

Origin – where did we come from and thus what are we?

Problem – what’s wrong with the world?

 Solution – how is the problem fixed?

Purpose – why am I here?

So many things flow from the answers to these questions. For example, if we are created purposely by God in the image of God, our worth is considerably higher then it would be if we were the product of an accidental universe, at the end of a long line of mutants that were lucky enough to be fitter then the rest.

The unexamined life is not worth living.
Socrates, in Plato, Dialogues, Apology
Greek philosopher in Athens (469 BC – 399 BC)
Part of examining your life, is examining the way you live it. Your worldview will help you do that.

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