How (and Where) Did Judas Really Die?

by J. Warner Wallace Share this entry I’ve been writing intermittently about some of the alleged Gospel contradictions skeptics cite when arguing against the reliability of the New Testament. When two or more eyewitness accounts appear to disagree, we’ve either encountered an error on the part of one of the witnesses, are somehow misreading (or misinterpreting) the accounts, or have insufficient information to reconcile the descriptions. The death of Judas, as recorded in two places in the New Testament, appears to present us with a contradiction: Matthew 27:3-10

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Absolute Morality

  We all believe in absolute morality when someone’s different morality hurts us personally. 

No relativist has ever said “your morality says that it is OK to smash my car with a sledgehammer, so it is OK.” We all get mad when someone stomps on our rights, and usually we are well within our rights when we do. 

Most relativist have one absolute moral that self destructs.  They say that you should not push your morality on someone else, but that is their morality, so they should not be pushing it on you!

Was Abraham Wrong? Answering Rachel Held Evans, Part 1

Was Abraham Wrong? Answering Rachel Held Evans: Part 1 Bible Perplexities, Message Series
by Jean E.
Does conscience require us to stamp the story of Abraham’s near-sacrifice of Isaac as false or Abraham a moral failure? “The Sacrifice of Abraham” by Rembrandt, 1635: In this earlier work, the angel knocks the knife from Abraham Best-selling author Rachel Held Evans has a popular blog, speaks frequently, and has published three books through the Christian publishers Thomas Nelson and Zondervan. One of her blogs garnered a lot of attention: “I would fail Abraham’s test (and I bet you would too).” You may recall that in Genesis 22, God tests Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son Isaac on a mountain. The aged Abraham and young man Isaac go to the mountain. Isaac allows his father to bind him and lay him atop a stack of wood, but as Abraham takes up his knife, an angel stops him. Abraham then sees a ram caught in a thicket behind him and sacrifices it instead.

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Are you too other-centered?

Being self-centered is a big problem today, but there is another problem that affects many, that is highly overlooked.
It is possible to be too other-centered.
Thinking about others is an awesome thing, but it gets out of hand when you neglect to take care of yourself.
Here are some signs that you do not love yourself enough.
1) You are too busy to go to your own doctors appointments.
2) You frequently grow cranky for seemingly no reason at all.
3) You haven’t showered in days.
4) You regularly get less then 6 hours of sleep a night.
5) You don’t remember what it is like to have a freshly cooked, hot meal.

God did not tell us to love others, and hate ourselves. He told us to love others, AS we love ourself!
If you don’t love yourself enough, you will be cranky, have less energy, and endure more sickness.
Ultimately you will rob others of someone they have grown dependant on if you don’t spend time taking care of yourself!