How to Argue without being mean.

Arguing does not have to include name calling, or other rudeness, but it should including convincing facts.

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Parents sue Miss. school district over ban of daughter’s ‘Jesus Loves Me’ mask

According to attorneys, the school district singled out the third grader and robbed her of her constitutional rights.

Source: Parents sue Miss. school district over ban of daughter’s ‘Jesus Loves Me’ mask   
I was recently in a conversation about the news story above. People were saying that this mask was unconstitutional.  It is not.

People frequently cite “Separation of Church and State” when they see something like that, but those words are not even in the Constitution.
They were written in a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptist. In this letter, he assured them that they were going to be allowed to worship God in any way that they saw fit.
Read the full letter here

Many also cite the first amendment in these discussions, but the first amendment also gives us Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press in order to interpret it consistently you would have to say that you were not allowed to say or write anything while in school.  That is clearly not what our Constitution meant to do.