You are never to small!

When you have God on your side you never know just how far you can go.  While yes there are some things that are logically impossible, like you can not be at two places at the same time, there are ways to work around them.  If God wants it to be it will be, no matter how small you think you are.  Dream hard, pray hard, and work hard and you will find a way. If God is with you, you will never walk alone.

Tomorrow is another chance.

Tomorrow is  another chance to be the person I want to be, instead of the person I am.
It won’t happen overnight, but as long as I take baby steps toward self improvement and ask God to help It will be good enough.
I can’t control the world around me, but I can learn to control me. With God’s grace maybe the world will see my growth and want the God who will stand behind me with my efforts.