Christians believe that they are right and others are wrong.


If Christians were simply saying that they like Christianity, the way that some people like chocolate and some prefer vanilla, this objection would be spot on. It would be silly to argue about what your favorite flavor is. One person is free to get chocolate, and the other person is free to dig into the vanilla. That is not what we are claiming, however. Christianity isn’t built around choices it is built on a moment of history. If Jesus Christ is a real person who died, and then was resurrected Christianity is true. If as the Bible itself says that if Christ is still in the ground we should be the most miserable.

Our own faith claims that it is either based on a historical fact, or it is a lie.

It turns out that most if not all religions make exclusive claims, They believe that their leader is right, and as a consequence anyone who thinks differently is wrong, and many of those claims are contradictory, so they can’t all be true. Depending on who you talk to when you die you either cease to exist, go to Heaven or Hell, get to populate another planet with spirit babies as God, get reincarnated and there are probably other opinions about what happens after we die, but they can’t all be true. You can’t both cease to exist, and go to Heaven.  Serious believers in every worldview would argue with you if you disagreed with major points in their doctrine.  I have had this discussion with people who thought that all religions are true, only to have them go ballistic when I say that mine is true, and someone else’s isn’t. Their mind was made up that despite their claims that everyone’s religion is right, that mine was wrong.

Truth is exclusive. One plus one is two, it isn’t three, four or five. it is two, and anyone who disagrees is wrong, no matter how sincerely you may believe that one plus one is six.

People don’t die for something that they know to be a lie.

The night before Jesus trial all of Christ closest friends either flat out betrayed him, or let him down. Not only did Judas get him killed, but Jesus who was so stressed out that he was sweating blood (Luke 22:44) a process known as Hematidrosis Jesus ask his friends to stay up and pray for him, yet they fell asleep twice! Then when he was arrested they scattered like cowards, to make matters worst Peter denied him three times. This doesn’t paint a picture of brave men who would be willing to die for anything, yet three days later Jesus rose from the dead, and these very same cowards who ran away when Jesus needed them most, suddenly became brave enough that they endured stonings, torture, prison, and even long torturous deaths.

Why would they deal with all this, if they knew that Jesus was still dead?  They would not! They knew how dangerous it would be for them when they started telling the world about Jesus. Many of them endured minor beatings that would have discouraged them if they didn’t know it was dangerous to preach.  Yet they kept on preaching even as the persecutions got worse.  Some of the Disciples were still alive when the Great Fire of Rome happened that Christians we accused of causing which caused the persecutions to get worse, yet they kept on preaching.
In one way they are similar, both sets of people believed that they are dying for the truth. If the resurrection were a lie the disciples would have known it, and the cowards that ran away the night that Jesus was arrested would have never of became some of the bravest men that the world has ever known.

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Objection to Christianity: Christians are Evil Hypocrites

One of the most common objections to Christianity is that Christians are evil hypocrites, and I have to admit that especially if you include all people who say that they are Christians (even if they are not) that even by human standards they are right. One only has to look at the news and see what has been happening to some little boys in some churches that this objection does have some merit.  The Bible itself says that ALL PEOPLE fall short of the glory of God.  Romans 3:23  when they say that Christians are, or at least can be evil they are doing nothing more than confessing that at least part of Christianity is true.
It breaks my heart whenever I hear of Christians that have done things that are evil even by human standards, but no belief system should be judged by the random people who say that they follow it,  there are atheist like Joseph Stalin who was responsible for the deaths of a seemingly countless number of people and atheist who are basically good.  Buddhist that literally would not kill a fly, and Buddhist who have committed murder. Pagans that are passivist, and Pagans who have committed human sacrifice.   All belief systems have one thing in common; they all are followed by fallible humans. We should not judge those belief systems by random followers of the belief system, we should judge them by the foundational beliefs of that system, and the people who follow that belief system the best. In the case of Christianity, that person is Jesus Christ. Who is so good, that many belief systems have tried to turn him into a follower of their belief system. He encouraged people to be kind even to their enemies.  Don’t judge Christianity by the so-called Christians who have committed beastly behavior, judge it by the behavior of Christ.

He is not a hypocrite, and if you are a real Christian, you will follow him, not other Christians.

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