Roadblocks to Christianity


The gospel is never heard in isolation. It always comes with multiple roadblocks in the way. The Jews did not understand the nature of the Trinity and had been expecting a conquering Messiah, not one that would die on a cross.
Muslims are told that Jesus did not die on a cross, Atheists usually think that Christianity is stupid, and there are many other roadblocks.
While the Gospel is the same for everyone, the path to the Gospel is often of different lengths twist and turns. If they have known several good Christians their entire life it could be a very short path. If however, they knew fake Christians who abused them or people of another worldview who hold to their beliefs just as hard and sincerely as you hold to yours, it can be a long and difficult path. I once heard the story of a Muslim man who was friends with a good Christian for five years before he converted and became a Christian preacher. It took him that many years to get over the roadblocks that his worldview put in the way, including the threat of losing family members as a result of his conversion.  Imagine how hard it would be to change your belief system if you feared losing your mother, father, brother and multiple friends because of that conversion.
It can’t be easy, so please be patient.

Never just assume that the person you are talking to already knows most of the same things that you know, and needs the same things you needed before you became a Christian. We must talk to them with genuine love and concern to find out exactly where they are in faith walk. Some may need convincing that God is necessary to create the universe before they can move on to things like how we know it was the God of the Bible that did the creating. Some may need assurance that if their family walks out on them after their conversion that a good Christian family will be loving them. Some may have their hungry stomachs in the way and need a good hot meal. Some may even need to be convinced that absolute truth exists. Don’t be afraid to talk to non-Christians with love and compassion. Ask them what they believe and why. Even if you already think you know, address whatever issues come up, love them and pray for them.

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