Hell-Is an eternal hell unjust?

No one likes the idea of an eternal Hell, but is it just? Some sins take seconds to commit, why punish them forever?
Even on Earth the time it takes to commit a crime is barely considered. It takes seconds to end an innocent life, but does anyone think that their punishment should be that short?
No, it may have taken you seconds to end a life, but without you there, how much longer would that life had been? If you killed a young child you may have stollen 80 years from him or more, not to mention a devastated family and community, what would that child have become? A doctor who cured cancer, and emergency worker who saved countless lives, only God knows the true cost of that life.
It doesn’t have to be that dramatic either, sometimes the small acts of our day can either save or cost a life. One small act of crankiness can give courage to someone else to act mean, then another, then another, until everyone is being mean. Sin snowballs and can affect generations. The cost of that is impossible for anyone but God to measure.
Here on earth, we don’t consider all lives as equal. Killing a typical individual isn’t counted as terrible of an act as say killing someone like a public official. If someone were to do that, they would get punished much more than if they were to kill me.
In one sense we all contributed to the death of Christ, who was the creator of all life. If a public official is more valuable than the average person, imagine how much more valuable the blood of Christ is. To waste it, by not accepting his gift of forgiveness is a terrible act in itself.
As if that isn’t enough, we also have no reason to believe that the unsaved will stop sinning once their body dies. It stands to reason that someone who cursed God all of his life, who then found himself stuck in Hell for eternity would be awfully mad, and continue to sin.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of anyone being in Hell for eternity, but scripture gives me no reason to doubt that it happens. While our sins may take a very short time to commit, I am in no position to judge how long that judgment should last. But I do know that God, is a God of justice, and won’t punish anyone any more than they deserve.

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