People pleasing

Life demands that we please certain people at least some of the time; our boss, our spouse, police officers… But trying to please everyone all the time is like drinking from a colander, you might get a few sips, but mostly you get all wet!  Jesus, however, notices every effort we make. Even if you don’t succeed in your efforts, if you are trying to please him, he will recognize that effort.
No, it isn’t selfish to say that you only want to please Jesus because if you are pleasing Jesus you will love your family, love the sick, the downtrodden, and even your enemies.  Some of those people will not appreciate your efforts, but if you are doing those things because you love Jesus there will always be one that is pleased by you.


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kingdomtriangleKingdom Triangle
Our society is facing a terrible crisis.  Many people feel as if there is no meaning in life, and we have lost our moral code. JP Moreland explores how we can recover the Christian mind, renovate Christian spirituality, and cultivate the power of the Holy Spirit in ourselves and in the world today. 

Who is Jesus?


We need Christ-the real Christ. A Christ born of empty speculation or created to squeeze into the philosopher’s pattern simply won’t do. A recycled Christ, a Christ of compromise, can redeem no one. A Christ watered down, stripped of power, debased of glory, reduced to a symbol, or made impotent by scholarly surgery is not Christ but Antichrist.

R. C. Sproul. Who Is Jesus? (Crucial Questions Series)

Five atheists who lost faith in atheism | Christian News on Christian Today

Not only are there countless people who have found themselves in church, or on an Alpha course, precisely because the arguments of Dawkins and others left them dissatisfied, but there are also many stories of formerly high-profile atheists who ended up losing their surety, and in many cases converting to the Christian faith.

via Five atheists who lost faith in atheism | Christian News on Christian Today.

God’s Art

When an artist does a piece of art, even when he doesn’t write his name on the work he leaves a signature of sorts. A knowledgeable person can say the type of paint is right, the brush strokes are right, the age of the canvas is right…..and if the artist is someone like Rembrandt, an art historian can find out. They could even tell the difference between a student of Rembrandt, and Rembrandt himself.

     If God created the universe like I believe he did, there should be a signature we can find in his creation that says he in fact created.

Our universe is amazing! Is it the sort of thing that could be created by a series of happy accidents?

When scientist are talking about evolution, they can’t seem to keep away from phrases like “What evolution had in mind” , and “Mother Nature”. But claim the driving force behind evolution is the survivability of random mutations.
DNA doesn’t have a mind to be thinking about what animals will need when the next environmental change comes. It in no way shape or form knows that a drought is coming. It doesn’t know that it’s predators are getting bigger, so that they need to respond in some way. But yet scientist can’t seem to avoid using terminology that requires a mind behind what we see in the universe.
Maybe they should ask themselves are they looking at the painting all wrong.

Seven Days That Divide the World: The Beginning According to Genesis and Science 
by John C. Lennox (PhD, DPhil, DSc)