Flies around a Picnic

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The lies about the Bible are getting so common nowadays, that they are like flies around a picnic on a hot Southern day. The foods are your favorite, and you are enjoying sharing them with friends. All too soon the flies start coming around, you are enjoying the food and companionship of long lost friends so much, that at first you don’t mind swatting a few flies away, but it seems like every time that you swat a fly, a couple more come to takes it’s place. Pretty soon you are so busy swatting flies, that you don’t have any time to eat for yourself. You may even start to check the food for tell-tale spots. Before long you are tempted to pack up your food, and go home to eat in peace.

Christian case making is a lot like that. The Bread of Life is so fantastic that you…

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Hear Ideas Out, Before You Criticize them.

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I was just reminded of something very important. I was listening to Outsmart Yourself: Brain-Based Strategies to a Better You   and I heard several things in it that initially sounded stupid. Once I heard the speaker’s explanation for these counter-intuitive ideas, they suddenly made a lot of sense!
How many times have we heard some new piece of information and automatically tuned out the person speaking, because we thought the idea was stupid, or contradicted something that someone else told us? We need to hear people out, not only because it is the loving thing to do, but because we don’t know everything, and everyone has the potential of knowing something that we don’t.

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Encouragement is better than Judgement.

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   “Only a kind person is able to judge another justly and to make allowances for his weaknesses, A kind eye, while recognizing defects, sees beyond them.”
Lawrence G.Lovasik

     I have often written about how the phrase in  Matthew saying “Thou shalt not judge”, is usually taken out of context, but I was reminded yesterday how careful we should be with our judgments.  Everyone has different roadblocks in life, many people have had emotional experiences that have broken them, health issues, and or other things that get in their way, that we would have trouble dealing with as well.

I once heard a story of a clumsy, and slow cashier. After one customer treated him like trash, and another showed him, love, it was then revealed that his mother, his only adult family member had committed suicide that morning since he was now responsible for all of the bills in the house, he could not afford to skip work.  No one with a heart would judge him negatively after hearing that. Most people have heartbreaking stories about their past. Stories that would make us regret the way we often treat people. When it is possible don’t make negative judgments, give them positive encouragement,, and advice, but make sure you know their story before personally passing out negative judgments about things that don’t put others in danger.

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The Bible and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”

Uncle Tom’s Cabin was an incredibly beautiful, and an incredibly sad story.
So many ugly and heart breaking stories wrapped up in that book.
The story wasn’t “true” but was inspired, by a slave who escaped to Canada named Josiah Henson. Josiah helped  other escaped slaves settle in Canada, and become self sufficient.
She borrowed from other real pieces of history as well.

Harriet Beecher Stowe, the writer of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, was  a Christian. Her interpretations of the Bible shows it’s depth of beauty , and it’s ability to be misused by unscrupulous people.
I won’t get into an in depth conversation about slavery here, but the book was filled with biblical scriptures rebuking the practice of the type of slavery that is so common in political discourse today. There is a “type” of slavery that the bible tolerates, and that is indentured servitude. While other cultures were killing, and enslaving permanently people for going into debt, the Bible allowed people to work off their debt, by people working as slaves for a limited period of time, and the slave owner had rules to follow, which made it more humane than slavery elsewhere.

The phrase Uncle Tom is often used to insult black people, saying that they are a traitor to their race, those people have clearly never read, or at least understood the book. Uncle Tom was in fact a hero! Anyone should be proud to be called an Uncle Tom!

I highly recommend the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin which can be purchased at Amazon.com, a small portion of the proceeds will help me continue writing this blog.

Is Christianity intended to provide you with health, wealth and happiness?


Bible study that hits the spot Bible study that hits the spot

Is Christianity supposed to provide you with health and wealth?

Consider post on the Gospel Coalition.

It says:

I am a pastor in a small village about 500 kilometers west of Nairobi—in Kenya’s sugar belt region. For the better part of my adult life, I was a Pentecostal/charismatic/Word of Faith preacher. But the day came when my faith made no sense at all.

I first heard the gospel as a young man, though the message contained false advertising about a Jesus who would meet all my needs and fulfill all my dreams. Remaining unsaved would lead to a life of misery, sickness, and poverty, I was told. It appeared logical, then, to embrace Christ and step into a world of limitless blessing.

I wanted all God had for me, and I zealously rose to become a herald of the message I had received—which…

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