Cruel Logic

We all know at least something about the physical theory of evolution. According to the theory we all evolved from one celled organisms getting gradually more and more complex, creating new species, until eventually humans were created. This theory has a twin that is less well known. Some believe that
Darwinian Evolution applies to morality as well. According to them our behavior is in our genes. This would mean that people get evil for much of the same reasons some folks have cystic fibrosis. We don’t blame people with cystic fibrosis, so according to this theory we shouldn’t blame evil people.
I say what is justice? Why do our very souls cry out for it when we hear about awful crimes? The need for justice is universal. In all countries we send people who do evil things to prisons, not hospitals like we would if the person had a genetic disease.

Yes, we do have inborn instincts that pull us in certain ways, they can side track us when we see our favorite food, they tempt us to have sex, make us want to smack someone. However, often obeying these instincts are the opposite of moral behavior. Eating whenever we want makes us guilty of gluttony, having sex with someone who is not our spouse breaks up families and for most of the history of man has been considered immoral. Smacking the boss when he or she is being a jerk is immoral. Yet all those immoral acts are instinctual.

When our kids are little, they don’t naturally say please and thank you. They grab without thought. It isn’t until we have trained them how to behave that they say please, and thank you. If morality were in our DNA, training would not be necessary.

In order for human morality to be genetic, it would have to be able to break down morality into motives, and be able to tell the difference between an accidental behavior and one that was done on purpose. Circumstances often dictate the morality of an action. Is it wrong to cut someone? That depends. Are you a doctor trying to help? Are you trying to steal someone’s stuff? Is the person that you are cutting trying to hurt an innocent person? Did you fall with a knife in your hand? In each of the four scenarios, the behavior is the same, but motives dictate the morality of the behavior. Our instincts do not seem to interpret behavior, even in our court trials we have something called temporary insanity. The definition of temporary insanity is: An unsoundness of the mind which the law recognizes as freeing one from responsibility for committing a crime. This happens when something is terrible enough to cut off our mind, and let our genetic instincts take over. So allowing our DNA to make our moral decisions is considered insanity. Thus our DNA can’t be responsible for moral behavior.

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Should we keep politics, and religion separate?

I used to think that we could not legislate morality, but then someone with a lot clearer thinking then mine set me straight.
If it is wrong to legislate morality then what do we do about laws that protect life? Thou shalt not murder is a moral principle that many of our laws are built around.  Why is it illegal to speed? It isn’t because politicians are party poopers (well many are but that is beside the point). It is illegal to drive 100 miles an hour in a residential area because your chances of murdering an innocent person go way up when there are no traffic laws. We have laws that say you must go to school for a certain amount of years before you can practice medicine. The reason for these laws isn’t without reason. It is because when idiots practice medicine the chances of people dying go way up.
Thou shalt not steal is a moral principle, is it wrong to create laws to protect private property?

It turns out that most if not all good laws have a basis in someone’s morality. I am not saying that all Biblical laws should be made into secular law, a law forcing people to worship God would be a bad idea, because forced worship isn’t worship at all, it is acting.  The trick is to recognize that personal freedom is a moral principle as well. While we can not divorce morality from the law, we do have to balance the idea of personal freedom, with the protection of others. One can not be free to murder, without taking away an innocent person’s right to live. One can not be free to steal without taking away another person’s right to private property.  One can have the freedom not to worship, but they can not have the right of freedom from religion without taking away another person’s right to freedom of religion.

Many good non-religous reasons to obey the Bible

I have been watching the Investigative Discovery channel and I am struck with how many murders begin with the victims doing things that the Bible says not to do. I am NOT saying that these people deserved their fate, But I am saying that this proves that God’s rules are wise. Even if you don’t believe in God his rules serve a purpose, to protect you from the awful consequences of living in a world without them!