Snitching on Christians Now Pays Big Money in China

Please pray for the persecuted church!

Snitching on Christians Now Pays Big Money in ChinaBy Stephanie Martin – April 5, 2019Share on FacebookShare on PinterestIn China’s ongoing crackdown against Christianity and other religions, authorities in the city of Guangzhou are now paying citizens to turn in their faith-practicing neighbors. People who report “illegal religious activities” can receive cash rewards up to $1,500 in U.S. dollars while remaining anonymous.

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‘Leave or Be Killed’—Boko Haram Issues Warning to Christians in Niger – Open Doors USA

We have an urgent prayer request from Christians in Niger, specifically in the Diffa region of the West African country. On June 7, the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram kidnapped a Christian woman in the village of Kintchendi in the Diffa region in southeastern Niger. She was released yesterday with a letter to all the Christians living in that area to “leave the town within three days or be killed.”Our contacts in the field say the Christian association of Niger is urging all Christians in that area and other rural areas of Diffa to go to the capital city of Niamey. Several families have already left. The Diffa area borders Nigeria to the south and Chad to the east. Boko Haram militants have repeatedly targeted the region beginning in February 2015. Most recently in October 2017, militants kidnapped the teenage daughter of a pastor there. A few months earlier in July 2017, Boko Haram kidnapped 30 to 40 women and children and executed nine other people in the village of Ngalewa. A month earlier, two female suicide bombers attacked a camp for internally displaced people (IDPs) in Kablewa.

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Thank Christianity, Not Secularism, for Religious Liberty | The American Conservative

“From Tertullian to the Reformation, there is a significant Christian tradition that affirms religious freedom. Fourth-century Christian writer Lactantius argues that “religion cannot be imposed by force.” The fourth-century “protocols of Milan,” issued by the Roman emperor Constantine, granted Romans “freedom” to “all men to follow whatever religion each wishes.” Alcuin, an advisor to Charlemagne, tells the emperor that “faith arises from the will, not from compulsion…you can persuade a man to believe, but you cannot force him.” This counsel was necessary because Frankish kings were forcing the conversions of various pagan tribal groups in central Europe at the edge of a sword.”

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Culture of Victims


Our culture is doing something to our kids that could quite possibly scar them for life.
Treating them as victim groups. When they are told that everyone not belonging to their group will oppress them, that they will never be allowed to live out life to it’s fullest potential because of something that they can do nothing about over and over again, they believe it. This does something terrible to children, it makes them angry, and it makes them give up. This is the point where they really do become victims even if they have never been the victim of racism, or sexism.

Everyone is an individual, and regardless of what the media is telling us, most don’t give a hoot what your skin color is. If you are a good hard working person, even the people who see skin color won’t see it for long once you prove what an awesome person that you are. You are not a victim of your skin color unless you choose to be. Even if you do know someone who is really a racist, there are so few of them, it’s easy to ignore them. Find a decent person to hang around. Rise above the haters, be the best educated, hardest worker, and the nicest person that you can be. If you do that you will be a victor, not a victim!

Christians believe that they are right and others are wrong.


If Christians were simply saying that they like Christianity, the way that some people like chocolate and some prefer vanilla, this objection would be spot on. It would be silly to argue about what your favorite flavor is. One person is free to get chocolate, and the other person is free to dig into the vanilla. That is not what we are claiming, however. Christianity isn’t built around choices it is built on a moment of history. If Jesus Christ is a real person who died, and then was resurrected Christianity is true. If as the Bible itself says that if Christ is still in the ground we should be the most miserable.

Our own faith claims that it is either based on a historical fact, or it is a lie.

It turns out that most if not all religions make exclusive claims, They believe that their leader is right, and as a consequence anyone who thinks differently is wrong, and many of those claims are contradictory, so they can’t all be true. Depending on who you talk to when you die you either cease to exist, go to Heaven or Hell, get to populate another planet with spirit babies as God, get reincarnated and there are probably other opinions about what happens after we die, but they can’t all be true. You can’t both cease to exist, and go to Heaven.  Serious believers in every worldview would argue with you if you disagreed with major points in their doctrine.  I have had this discussion with people who thought that all religions are true, only to have them go ballistic when I say that mine is true, and someone else’s isn’t. Their mind was made up that despite their claims that everyone’s religion is right, that mine was wrong.

Truth is exclusive. One plus one is two, it isn’t three, four or five. it is two, and anyone who disagrees is wrong, no matter how sincerely you may believe that one plus one is six.