Objection: Christians believe that they are right, and everyone else is wrong.

Puzzle with missing pieces
If Christians were simply saying that they like Christianity, the way that some people like chocolate and some prefer vanilla, this objection would be spot on. It would be silly to argue about what your favorite flavor is. One person is free to get chocolate, and the other person is free to dig into the vanilla.  Which would mean more ice cream for everyone.   Instead, Christianity is a worldview. Every complete worldview seeks to answer important questions like What is wrong if anything with humanity, and how we can cure it?  As such it is more of a medicine than an ice cream flavor. If I don’t like an ice cream flavor, I can go out and find a new one.  If my problem were something like diabetes, I couldn’t just say that I don’t like shots, so I am going to manage my diabetes with chocolate syrup. Picking the wrong medicine may make me happy for a little while, but in the end, it will kill me!  The question should not be if Christians are closed-minded, the questions should be, does Christianity describe life, the problem with it, how to cure the problem, and does it have sufficient evidence for those truth claims, or is it some tasty flavored syrup that will send your sugar levels through the roof?

It turns out that most if not all religions make exclusive claims, They believe that their leader is right, and as a consequence anyone who thinks differently is wrong, and many of those claims are contradictory, so they can’t all be true. Depending on who you talk to when you die you either cease to exist, go to Heaven or Hell, get to populate another planet with spirit babies as God, get reincarnated and there are probably other opinions about what happens after we die, but they can’t all be true. You can’t both cease to exist, and go to Heaven.  Serious believers in every worldview would argue with you if you disagreed with major points in their doctrine.  I have had this discussion with people who thought that all religions are true, only to have them go ballistic when I say that mine is true, and someone else’s isn’t. Their mind was made up that despite their claims that everyone’s religion is right, that mine was wrong.

Truth is exclusive. One plus one is two, it isn’t three, four or five. it is two, and anyone who disagrees is wrong, no matter how sincerely you may believe that one plus one is six.

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