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It never ceases to amaze me, how many people treat sinners as non-people. We are all sinners! We can and should believe that there are things that are absolutely wrong, but to forget that we are all made in the image of God is yet another sin.
Treat all people with love and kindness,  but just because a person is generally nice, doesn’t mean that they are right about everything.

Give Up Your Stereotypes, Not Your Christian Convictions – Stand to Reason Blog.

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10 Things Science cannot do – Logically Faithful

The view called naturalism, (also called scientism or materialism) holds that nothing but the physical world exists. This view is false on many accounts.  See my article on on the issue here where I address the problems of this atheistic worldview (you can also listen to the talk I gave on itunes here.) But for now, are there 10 things we cannot learn or glen from science alone.

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Bible Chapters and Verses

The original manuscripts of the Bible did not have chapter or verse divisions. The chapter divisions were added sometime in the 13th Century, and the verse divisions were added in 1551. They made navigating the Bible easier, but they caused a problem too. They often divide ideas that were not supposed to be divided. People who read Bible verses instead of books can get the wrong idea, the same way that you can listen to a phone conversation and get the wrong idea about what is going on, Unless you have read the entire book, you should not focus on an individual verse of the Bible. Deeper study can and should come, but not until you have the right general idea about what kind of literature the particular book is made of, and the general idea the book was meant to convey.

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth: Fourth Edition
by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart

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