Oppertunity to make heroes

a little girl plays superhero

Yesterday I posted two videos of unlikely heroes. and as a perfect follow-up, I just found a video of a man who made 500 heroes!  There are many young boys in the world today that don’t have a father around.  It is a sad, sad fact. Fortunately, there are many men who are willing to step up and help fill that gap. Here is a video of 500 of them. If you can find a way to do something like this in your community, it would be awesome! Love can change lives, it can turn a victim, into a victor!

Anyone can be a hero!

    We tend to think of heroes as characters in comic strips, and movies, but anyone can be a hero!
Addie Rodriguez is a cheerleader at her school in a tough spot. Her squad was supposed to do a routine that involved their fathers. Her problem was that her dad is in the military, and could not make it.  Along came Matthew Garcia…

Notice that he had not exactly had a good day, after already having done a good deed that week (donating blood), a deed that may have cost him a slot in the state finals he went to see his mom who was watching the game at Addie’s school, where he saw yet another opportunity to be a hero to someone. Few would blame a teenager for being a little self-absorbed in a moment like that, but no, he saw someone in need and did what he could do to save the day. For his actions, he deserves the title HERO!

I mentioned earlier that most people think of comic book characters when they think of heroes, some have a wider definition that includes the military, police officers, firefighters, but janitors can be heroes too.

Not everyone can save the world, but we all can change someone’s world!