Bless those who curse you – Smart

America has a TERRIBLE problem with discussing important issues! One side starts name-calling, the other side gets nasty, which makes the first group get even nastier. Saying something even slightly offensive, true or not, can incite violence and ruin lives! Even I try to be nice, but I have a sarcastic streak a mile wide. It should not be this way. Not only does it blind the other side to any truths that you are speaking, But That also is not the way Jesus wanted it. Yes, sometimes he was rough Matthew 23:33 (HCSB)33 “Snakes! Brood of vipers! How can you escape being condemned to hell? He, however, was like this to people who should have known better like the Pharisees and could be interpreted as a warning. To people who were not immersed in Judaism, he was often gentle. For example, the woman at the well was a Samaritan, while they may have been close geographically they did not communicate with each other, so there is a lot that they did not know about each other. John 4:9  “How is it that You, a Jew, ask for a drink from me, a Samaritan woman?” she asked Him. For Jews do not associate with Samaritans.

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Richard Dawkins’ Delivers Nasty Low Blows Against William Lane Craig (Revisiting the Controversy) | Bishop’s Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy

Previously I looked briefly at Dawkins’ refusal to debate Christian/religious apologist William Lane Craig. Craig is arguably America’s leading intellectual apologist and defender of religion, and I concluded that Dawkins’ reasons for not debating him struck me as excusatory rather than as legitimate concerns.I briefly wish to revisit the reasons Dawkins provides for not debating Craig in an article Dawkins released on The Guardian in 2011. As the date shows, this is not a recent controversy but it is yet one I wish to comment on. I shall do so over the course of several posts. I should make known my own position. I simply favor formal debates and find it a necessary conduit for imparting knowledge to public consciousness, particularly on those who attend in the audience. I don’t believe religion and atheism should be merely private affairs beyond critical scrutiny. A major way to ensure that this is not always the case is the formal debate. As such, I found it unfortunate that Dawkins, perhaps the world’s most well-known atheist, refused to debate Craig, arguably the world’s most well-known apologist. A debate between Dawkins and Craig would have been a spectacle and therefore one of great public interest. This is why I wish to put a critical eye on Dawkins, for it is he he decided to avoid one. From the beginning of the article Dawkins makes it a clear goal to undermine Craig by way of belittling him,

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Think Divinely – Renewal of All Things

What keeps many from believing in God is all the evil they see happening around them: wars, random shootings, rapes and the like. There is a sense of injustice within humanity’s soul. We know something isn’t right, yet we can’t quite put our finger on it. That’s because we were created to be in a perfect place but something happened. We were given a choice—to obey God or to go our own way. We chose the latter (Genesis 3). Oh, how I long for the renewal of all things. As I age, as I see the news, as I am saddened by many things happening in the world today, my heart longs for that lost paradise. When God created us, He placed us in a garden where all of our needs were met and things were most peaceful. But we all know the end of that story. Thank goodness that wasn’t the final ending! There is the promise of things being restored, someday.

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Put your phone in the back seat!

This is not my usual subject matter, but I felt a need to post this anyway.
Everyone thinks that they are too smart to forget the baby in the back seat. Those people who actually have left their baby in the back seat and paid the ultimate price for that mistake thought they were too smart too.
Have you ever had to go back inside to grab your car keys or your phone, to check to see if you locked your doors? Have you ever forgot to pick up a prescription or a gallon of milk at the store? If you have ever forgotten anything there is a risk that you will forget your child, especially if you are like 99% of parents and feel like you are sleepwalking through life for at least three months after your child is born. There will be other times when your life is thrown off schedule that you will be at risk.

. Since you should not be using your cell phone while driving anyway, leave your phone in the back seat of your car when you are driving. Odds are great that you have been remembering your cell phone for years now, you may even be within arm’s length of your phone 24/7. If your phone is in the back seat, perhaps in a bag big enough to prevent it from falling through any space between the seats, you are basically guaranteeing that you will start to miss it within minutes of leaving your car. When looking for your phone you will find your child.

Even if a child isn’t in there today, but there is a possibility of the child being in the car in the next week or even next month.. Make it as strong of a habit as your need to keep your cell phone on you is. Your child and everyone who shares the road with you while you are not looking down at your phone will thank you!

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I was an atheist who took the red pill. Then I took the God pill. Now I’m a Christian – Premier Christianity

Dave Cullen, better known as Computing Forever, is a popular Irish blogger whose YouTube videos have been viewed over 90 million times. Last week he posted a video announcing his conversion to Christianity entitled ‘Rediscovering faith: My journey back to Christianity’. Here’s what he said

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