Perception isn’t always reality.

I just read a story about a doctor who has been known to cure mentally ill people in as little as one afternoon. He does this in a hard-hitting way.

In one case, the doctor worked on a man who hallucinated snakes. His fear of the perceived snakes was so bad that other doctors had tied him to a bed. This doctor brought in a bunch of rubber snakes and a few harmless tame snakes. He let the patient freak out for awhile, and then told him that when he could identify the real snakes that he would take him out of the room. The patient immediately told him that the rubber snakes were on the floor, the real snakes were on the bed, and the hallucinated ones were everywhere! When asked how he knew the difference he replied that the hallucinated snakes were see through. Once he figured out the difference his phobia of the fake snakes became manageable.

My point behind that story was that there are a lot of perceptions that different people have, they can feel real at times. They can scare the tar out of you, or they can comfort you, but when it comes down to it many, like the hallucinated snakes are without substance. I am sure most religions out there give people comfort, but they also conflict with other religions that give people comfort. They can’t all be real. Some have to be hollow.
People who commit suicide often feel that they are unloved, but many people cry by their grave site. Their perception was false, they and their loved ones paid a terrible price for the faulty perception.
I have asked many people who believe that Fox contains fake news to name some of the fake stories it has played. NOT A SINGLE ANSWER has come my way! Yet they still perceive it as fake news.

It is important that we examine our own views from time to time to make sure that our views aren’t as see through as the snakes in the story above.

Let the Glory of the Lord rise among us!


Sometimes things seem hopeless. It seems like the end of days. People can be stubborn, heartless, and egocentric. We sometimes work hard to change things, and it seems nothing works. But it isn’t our job to guess when the end of days is here! It is our job to do the work of the Lord untill the last minute possible.

I have a feeling that many of our failures as Christians are due to a lack of prayer, it is God that gives his work power, not us! Our success or failure is due to two things. One is our showing up. Nothing will ever get accomplished if we don’t make an effort to open ourselves to the desire to do the work of the Lord. The other is God’s presence. Pray without ceasing.
While success is always awesome, it is not to be our motivation for serving the Lord. We serve because he wants us to.
Study his word, do whatever you can of God’s work (even if you are house bound like me you can still pray and use the net.).
Just don’t give up! Pray, and do something! Even if you think that you have failed a seed may have been planted.
If God can work through a talking donkey, he can work through you!

Tolerance is not always a good thing.

Tolerance says hold your nose and put up with them.
It has it’s place. If I hate your food choices I will hold my noise and tolerate it.
But if I knew your bad food choice is a tuna sandwich that was sitting out on the hot sun for a couple hours tolerating your choice, and not warning you of the food poisoning that is certain to come, tolerance becomes hate! My tolerance of your choice could kill you! If you KNOW that a person is doing something that could hurt them or others it is your OBLIGATION to judge them as lovingly as possible.