Take a Stand

I’m short on time this morning, but long on thought. My gut reaction to the current tumult in the world and in my country is to call for dialogue, for peace, for efforts to understand one ano…

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Pray for Our Leaders

It’s not an easy job to pray for someone you don’t like, and to tell the truth, I wasn’t exactly fond of either of the Primary winners. But when these words were written, the same government that killed Christ, and many other Christians, was still in charge. If first century Christians could pray for that government, surely we can pray for ours.

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Even Broken Clocks are Right Twice a Day.

   Yesterday a friend of mine who likes neither Clinton or Trump, made a post with a Clinton ad about Trump. The claims in it were true, but someone immediately started complaining about her advertising for Clinton. She was acting as if my friend had just become a die hard Clinton fan. Nothing could have been farther from the truth! My friend is definitely all Republican.

Once I was talking to some former members of a cult, and I mentioned how dedicated the cult was. That turned out to be a big mistake, and I was “yelled” at online for doing so, as if I were endorsing the entire cult. But seriously, I would love to see what would happen in the world if real Christians served Christ with the dedication the cultist have.

Even broken analog clocks are right twice a day. Just because the hands on your broken clock match the real time, doesn’t mean that the real time is wrong. We can acknowledge that it is 6:30, even if the hands on the clock have been pointing straight down for a year, as long as a working clock in your time zone says 6:30 the broken clock is correct.

The most flawed human in the world, was still created by God, in God’s image, and lives in God’s world. No one could be wrong 100% of the time, just as no mere human is right 100% of the time. While we must be careful about what we accept as truth, but occasionally unexpected sources of wisdom and truth may flower in an unexpected place, we should not throw it away like a weed, until we are sure that it is one.

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