Does the pro-life position require that you pay for all unwanted children after they are born?

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Many people claim that in order to be pro-life that you have the responsibility to support all the children that you prevent from being aborted.

Many pro-lifers do adopt children from people who did not plan to become mothers, they support Crisis pregnancy centers and others charities that do everything possible to make it easier for the mother to support the child, this is awesome, but is it a requirement?

Most of the world is against the murder of people who are already born, but how many people are actually supporting those people that others want to kill? Unless you count the witness protection program which is funded by taxpayers, not many!  Does not being able to support those who are on the run from killers mean that I am pro-murder? NO!  How many people are against killing puppies?  If I were to use the logic of the pro-choice crowd, I would say that unless you regularly adopt all of the animals at the SPCA, you have no right to complain when someone kills an already born puppy, but that logic is just silly!
It’s nice when you help animal charities, but not an obligation to be against their mistreatment.

The only relevant question is, Is the “thing” inside a human woman a human being or not? If it is a human we as a society have an obligation to protect, or at least not harm said human.  The people who made the baby are the ones with the responsibility to care for the child or find someone who is willing to do so. We should encourage them, and help them to take responsibility for their choices, not to kill the child!

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What is a Fetus?

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the embryo of a mammal in the later stages of development, when it shows all the main recognizable features of the mature animal, esp human embryo from the end of the second month of pregnancy until birth

A fetus isn’t some non-descript thing that can be killed at will. Fetus is a stage of life for a mammal, in the case of human fetuses, it is recognizable as a human. Has DNA different than the DNA of his or her mother, and father, the exact DNA that he or she will have 50 years in the future.

They are different than already born humans in some ways.

They differ in size from other humans, but a toddler is smaller than a basketball player. Is a toddler less human than the basketball player? I don’t think so.

They do have a different level of development than a toddler, but a toddler has a different level of development than a sixty-year-old person. Is the toddler less human than a sixty-year-old person? If not then the level of development should not make a human fetus less of a human, than a two-year-old.

Their environment is different than a toddlers environment, but is a swimmer less human than a non-swimmer? All humans have environments that they call their own. I would be miserable if you took me to a colder environment. Some are comfortable in places like Alaska. Some would breathe really well if you took them to a high mountaintop, some would pass out from lack of air. Some humans are in the water so much that you are tempted to look for gills. Do any of these environments make someone less human than the others? If not then the environment of the human fetus should not make a difference either.

They are also more dependent than older humans, but is the kid who wants a snack, less human than a full grown adult who has his or her own job, and takes care of themselves? Nope, still just as human.

I don’t see any differences between an already born human, and an unborn human that should qualify the unborn human as disposable. In fact, I think most pro-abortion people with children that have already been born and were wanted, would have cried their eyes out, if the child had of been lost, before they had a chance to be born.  Maybe they try not to think about it, but deep inside they know the thing inside a woman’s belly is a human!
Were the wanted ones more valuable than the unwanted ones? Well maybe to the parents, but as a society, we should value ALL people.

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