People pleasing

Life demands that we please certain people at least some of the time; our boss, our spouse, police officers… But trying to please everyone all the time is like drinking from a colander, you might get a few sips, but mostly you get all wet!  Jesus, however, notices every effort we make. Even if you don’t succeed in your efforts, if you are trying to please him, he will recognize that effort.
No, it isn’t selfish to say that you only want to please Jesus because if you are pleasing Jesus you will love your family, love the sick, the downtrodden, and even your enemies.  Some of those people will not appreciate your efforts, but if you are doing those things because you love Jesus there will always be one that is pleased by you.


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kingdomtriangleKingdom Triangle
Our society is facing a terrible crisis.  Many people feel as if there is no meaning in life, and we have lost our moral code. JP Moreland explores how we can recover the Christian mind, renovate Christian spirituality, and cultivate the power of the Holy Spirit in ourselves and in the world today. 

Oppertunity to make heroes

a little girl plays superhero

Yesterday I posted two videos of unlikely heroes. and as a perfect follow-up, I just found a video of a man who made 500 heroes!  There are many young boys in the world today that don’t have a father around.  It is a sad, sad fact. Fortunately, there are many men who are willing to step up and help fill that gap. Here is a video of 500 of them. If you can find a way to do something like this in your community, it would be awesome! Love can change lives, it can turn a victim, into a victor!

Let the Glory of the Lord rise among us!


Sometimes things seem hopeless. It seems like the end of days. People can be stubborn, heartless, and egocentric. We sometimes work hard to change things, and it seems nothing works. But it isn’t our job to guess when the end of days is here! It is our job to do the work of the Lord untill the last minute possible.

I have a feeling that many of our failures as Christians are due to a lack of prayer, it is God that gives his work power, not us! Our success or failure is due to two things. One is our showing up. Nothing will ever get accomplished if we don’t make an effort to open ourselves to the desire to do the work of the Lord. The other is God’s presence. Pray without ceasing.
While success is always awesome, it is not to be our motivation for serving the Lord. We serve because he wants us to.
Study his word, do whatever you can of God’s work (even if you are house bound like me you can still pray and use the net.).
Just don’t give up! Pray, and do something! Even if you think that you have failed a seed may have been planted.
If God can work through a talking donkey, he can work through you!