Two Big Errors

People seem to live for extremes nowadays, and how they see Jesus is no exception.         Some people seem to have an extreme Jesus.  To some, he is a “Homeboy” who is always ready to pat them on the back, even if they are currently dancing with the Devil.  Others seem to see him as the commander of a concentration camp, ready to throw them into the fire the first time they mess up. He is neither! He is the good Father, who loves you no matter what, but knows when you do things that he has forbidden you are hurting yourself and others. He knows that the consequences of the things we do often extend far beyond the seconds it took to do them.    He simply can not endorse many of the things we do.  But he isn’t just a rule-maker, he is a loving father who is saddened and even angry, but he still loves us.  When we realize our need for forgiveness and accept his grace he also has boundless love for us.

Just like our earthly fathers, if we run away he desperately wants us to come home, he will search for us and plead with us to come home. But at some point, the father will decide that he loves you enough to let you make your own decisions, and will regretfully let you have it your way.
He loves you, no matter what you have done. but don’t make him wait too long.

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At the End of our Days

At the end of our days, we will be surprised by how many people did and did not make it to Heaven.
Many people have a purely superficial religiosity, others may appear desperately wicked, but they are the ones that are crying out for grace the loudest.
Don’t assume that anyone is eternally locked out of God’s grace, and don’t assume that anyone is already assured, Heaven. Let God be the judge of that.
Everyone needs the Gospel! EVERYONE NEEDS LOVE!