Does Jesus Endorse Blind Faith?

Many people think that we need to “just believe”, despite any evidence that non-Christians show us. I don’t think that is necessary at all. There are evidences everywhere that the Christian faith is objectively true, and the Bible says that it is OK to look at the evidence.

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Even if your belief is wrong, it is absolutely true that you believe it.

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I was just watching a debate that was so silly that I could not finish watching it. The atheist that was debating the Christian was an absolute hot head! If that guy wasn’t a villain in WWE wrestling he missed his calling!
Even though he personally admitted that experts had been giving him an alternative definition for the word faith, from his definition every week for the last twenty years, he still insisted on his definition being right and everyone else’s being wrong.
This has the effect of crippling any honest investigation of the beliefs of Christianity. Even IF all those scholars and all those believers, and all those pieces of ancient literature with the word that means faith were wrong, we still believe in our definition, for the sake of an honest discussion and investigation of our beliefs you must believe that we believe it.
It is the same with other belief systems. Their beliefs may be mistaken and may be objectively wrong, but we must believe that they believe it before we can any kind of productive discussion with them about which of our beliefs are objectively right, and which are not.
Are you looking for a Christian book that will help you grow stronger in the faith? Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis is a modern classic that is helpful learning about basic Christianity I highly recommend it.

“Reason and faith therefore function in a complementary fashion. While reason in and of itself— apart from God’s special grace— cannot cause faith, the use of reason is normally a part of a person’s coming to faith and supports faith in innumerable ways. Faith is foundational to reason, and reason can evaluate or confirm faith.”

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