Culture of Victims


Our culture is doing something to our kids that could quite possibly scar them for life.
Treating them as victim groups. When they are told that everyone not belonging to their group will oppress them, that they will never be allowed to live out life to it’s fullest potential because of something that they can do nothing about over and over again, they believe it. This does something terrible to children, it makes them angry, and it makes them give up. This is the point where they really do become victims even if they have never been the victim of racism, or sexism.

Everyone is an individual, and regardless of what the media is telling us, most don’t give a hoot what your skin color is. If you are a good hard working person, even the people who see skin color won’t see it for long once you prove what an awesome person that you are. You are not a victim of your skin color unless you choose to be. Even if you do know someone who is really a racist, there are so few of them, it’s easy to ignore them. Find a decent person to hang around. Rise above the haters, be the best educated, hardest worker, and the nicest person that you can be. If you do that you will be a victor, not a victim!