Where the Evidence Led Me by Terrell Clemmons – Salvo Magazine

A Review of Heretic: One Scientist’s Journey from Darwin to Design, by Matti Leisola & Jonathan Witt
As a student beginning his scientific studies in 1966, Finnish biochemist Matti Leisola used to laugh at Christians who “placed God in the gaps of scientific knowledge,” as the criticism often went. As he saw it, those people lacked the patience and level-headedness that he possessed. After hearing Francis Schaeffer speak in 1972, though, he realized his concept of truth was naïve. He bought several of Schaeffer’s books and began to study philosophy, a subject he had previously considered of little value. At some point, he realized the god-of-the-gaps criticism cut both ways since a functional atheist could also insert a pat explanation into any knowledge gap.

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“God of the Gaps” Excuse is Circular Reasoning — Logos Apologia

Christians are often accused of having a God of the gaps mentality, but does the naturalist come out any better by saying that in the future we will have the answer that won’t require God?  I don’t really think so. It is a guess, based on their preconceived notions. There is a big difference though, as Christians, we know that God works in two main ways; naturally, and supernaturally. We are open to all sorts of scientific explanations. Naturalist, on the other hand rule out some possibilities before they have collected a piece of evidence.
It is OK to keep looking for evidence to confirm or deny your hypothesis, but at some point you have to go with the evidence you already have. More and more people are beginning to believe that it took an intelligent agent to create the universe as it is how with the ability to support life. This isn’t just a guess, or lazy thinking, it is inferring the best possible explanation


“God of the Gaps” Excuse is Circular Reasoning — Logos Apologia.