You might be an adult when….

A lot of people think that you automatically become an adult when you are 18, but my definition of an adult is a lot more strict.

You might be an adult if you have ever said “I was wrong.” without the threat of a belt.

If you know that you and your significant other are not the center of the universe you might be an adult.

If you view the money given to you during hard times a loan even if your parents are doing the giving you might be an adult.

If you view public assistance as a temporary hand up, to get away from as soon as humanly possible, you might be an adult.

If you realize you don’t know it all, and are willing to learn from others you might be an adult.

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The world is a dangerous place.

      When we refuse to judge, we render ourselves powerless. We can’t tell people that they have done a good job, and we can not tell evil people to cool it!  I am so grateful for the Corrie ten Booms and the Irena Sendlers of this world. Their willingness to judge evil saved many lives.  To see so many Christians tell me that I should quit calling out the evil I see hurts my heart.
Not only is Matthew 7:1 taken out of context, but it simply doesn’t make sense to refuse to judge. When you pick out a babysitter for your kids, would you let someone who looked like they sold their body for crack baby sit, or would you prefer to miss work until you could find someone else to take care of your kids?

If you are at a store and see someone smack a kid so hard that they get a split lip and a bloody nose, that is something that a good person CAN NOT ignore! For the good of society sometimes you have to judge!
Now I realize that these cases are extreme, but I believe they prove that there are cases where judging is nessesary.

Tomorrow is another chance.

Tomorrow is  another chance to be the person I want to be, instead of the person I am.
It won’t happen overnight, but as long as I take baby steps toward self improvement and ask God to help It will be good enough.
I can’t control the world around me, but I can learn to control me. With God’s grace maybe the world will see my growth and want the God who will stand behind me with my efforts.


Disagreement is refreshing when two men lovingly desire to compare their views to find out truth. Controversy is wretched when it is only an attempt to prove another wrong. Religious controversy does only harm. It destroys humble inquiry after truth, and throws all the energies into an attempt to prove ourselves right – a spirit in which no man gets at truth.

– Frederick W. Robertson

I don’t always follow this myself, but I should. When disagreements get nasty no one learns anything.  When someone lords their intelligence over another like a cobra ready to strike, they often get so put off that they quit listening. Whenever possible apologetics should be done like two old friends sitting down for a cup of coffee.