Christianity changes people and the World

     During the last 3 years of Christ physical life on Earth, he had 12 really close friends, but as typically happens, trouble reveals the character of friends.
Just hours after Jesus had washed their feet, an act of sincere love, one of these “friends” sold him to his enemies for the price of a slave.
They fell asleep, instead of praying for him in his darkest hours. When the enemy came to arrest an innocent man, did they stand behind him? No, they ran off like a bunch of cowards! One of his friends even denied him three times that night! When he was crucified, only one male of these friends was actually with him. His mother and a few other woman were also brave enough to stick around. Most of his “friends” ran away and hid! While I have never been in that situation, so I don’t want to judge them too harshly, the fact remains that they were nowhere to be found. Just days later these cowards were turned into men brave enough that they would willing endure beatings, shipwrecks, hate, and even death. They were transformed into giants of the faith that has had more transformative power than any other on this earth!

How Christianity Changed the World 
by Alvin J. Schmidt (Author)

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