Happy Father’s Day

From Pastor Bob:

When God created man, He made Him in His image. God poured into Adam a measure of his own Fatherhood. He imbued man with a vestige of his own responsibility, authority, power, and love. God gave men the responsibility, authority, power, and love to take care of that which he has charged to our stewardship. According to Genesis 1:26-28, God told humanity to take care of His creation, and His Children, and I think men—especially fathers— feel both the honor and the tremendous weight of providing for, guiding, protecting and loving our families—that sphere of God’s creation that the Lord has entrusted to our care.

Thanks to all the father’s who have honored the Lord by accepting this role.

via Fairview Presbyterian Church.

Our lives begin to end…

     People, especially Christians are way to silent now days. Please don’t use this post as an excuse to act like the  Westboro Baptist , I would never advocate acting like them, but we should not whitewash sin either! God forgives us our sins if we ask, but here on earth we are still subject to natural laws. When we sin we hurt people. Driving drunk gets people killed. Divorce without kids breaks hearts, divorce with kids tear apart lives. Kids from broken homes are more likely to suffer abuse, abuse drugs, live in poverty….. The list of earthly consequences for sin goes on and on.
While Matthew 7:1 which is about hypocritical judging is often taken out of context to make it about all judging. I will tell you what you won’t find in the Bible, any verse that commands us not to help people. When we refuse to judge sin we by our silence are endorsing the earthly consequences that occur because of the sin. Would it not be better to talk a person into joining AA, then to stay silent until the alcoholic ends up killing someone by driving drunk and going to jail ?  Is it not better to talk someone into going to a marriage councilor then to see a family split apart and a kids who feel alone in the world because they feel like one of their parents abandon them?  WE MUST NOT BE SILENT!