Is the Bible’s definition of faith opposed to logic and evidence? | WINTERY KNIGHT

Probably the biggest misconception that I encounter when defending the faith is the mistaken notion of what faith is. Today we are going to get to the bottom of what the Bible says faith is, once and for all. This post will be useful to Christians and atheists, alike.What is faith according to the Bible?I am going to reference this article from apologist Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason in my explanation.Koukl cites three Biblical examples to support the idea that faith is not blind leap-of-faith wishing, but is based on evidence.Moses went out into the wilderness and he had that first encounter with the burning bush, and God gave him the directive to go back to Egypt and let his people go. Moses said, Yeah, right. What’s going to happen when they say, why should we believe you, Moses?God said, See that staff? Throw it down.Moses threw it down and it turned into a serpent.God said, See that serpent? Pick it up.And he picked it up and it turned back into a staff.God said, Now you take that and do that before the Jewish people and you do that before Pharaoh. And you do this number with the hail, and the frogs, and turning the Nile River into blood. You put the sun out. You do a bunch of other tricks to get their attention.And then comes this phrase: “So that they might know that there is a God in Israel.”

Source: Is the Bible’s definition of faith opposed to logic and evidence? | WINTERY KNIGHT

Sept. 11 – Political Islam’s Long War on West

SEPTEMBER 11, 1565:Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent dominated the Mediterranean, with intentions of not only invading Sicily, Sardinia, Majorca, and southern Spain but Rome itself. The only thing standing in his way was the small rocky Island of Malta just south of Sicily, defended by the Knights of Malta.

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Conformity – Discerning Dad

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is- his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2 (NIV)How can you tell that someone is a Christian? Think about it. What attributes, word usage, actions, desires, and dreams identify a Christian without them ever saying that they follow Jesus? On Sunday we “assume” everyone in church is a Christian, but can you tell a difference between those same individuals and everyone else in the world during the rest of the week?

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Facebook uses pro-abortion “fact checkers” to label pro-life pages “fake news” | WINTERY KNIGHT

Recently, this blog’s Facebook page reached 5000 likes. We were immediately hit with a fact-check by a secular leftist, who labeled an  satirical meme image as “fake news”. Facebook informed me that they would be lowering our distribution for not being secular leftists. In fact, Facebook is censoring anyone who disagrees with the Democrat party, because the 2020 election is almost here.Here’s the story from the Daily Caller:Live Action founder and President Lila Rose said Facebook allowed abortionists to fact check Live Action content and label it as misinformation.

Source: Facebook uses pro-abortion “fact checkers” to label pro-life pages “fake news” | WINTERY KNIGHT

Chinese pastor shared Gospel with 1,000 North Koreans before being assassinated for his faith – The Christian Post

       A pastor on the China-North Korea border shared the hope of the Gospel with at least 1,000 North Koreans before he was assassinated for his missionary work in 2016, a defector has revealed. Voice of the Martyrs says the Rev. Han Chung-Ryeol, a Chinese pastor of Korean descent, was on Pyongyang’s most-wanted list as early as 2003 for his charitable work and dedication to spreading the Gospel. Han, who ministered on the border town of Changbai since the early 1990s, ministered to thousands of North Koreans over the years — many of whom had fled the famine-stricken country in search of food and jobs. The pastor provided practical aid, such as food and clothing, and introduced each person to the Gospel before sending them back to North Korea to share Christ and help their families.

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Anything…with God – Guest- Mark DiSalvo at Discerning Dad

You may say these are lofty examples, and I’ll never be a Paul, David, or Moses, and you would be correct in saying so. God does not need you to be Paul, David, or Moses. He needs you to be you. You are at your best when you are being the person God made YOU to be.

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