Not all idols are made of bronze or gold.

I used to teach a Sunday School class to kids, and one day I was talking to them about the importance of reading the Bible. Every single one of them had a reason why they were too busy to read the Bible. Since they were kids I accepted some of the reasons because after all, honoring your parents is also honoring to God, however some of the things that made them “too busy” to read their Bible were just plain silly. If watching Wheel of Fortune means that you are too busy to listen to God’s word, Wheel of Fortune has become an idol! I am not saying don’t have fun, I am saying that if you don’t have time to read God’s word, you may have an idol or two in your life. It’s time to look at your schedule and clean out a few idols.
For those of you who may be genuinely too busy, because you are doing something that can not wait like helping a special needs person, may I suggest obtaining an audio Bible? People who lead stressful busy lives need God too,

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