Who says you are a basket case?

A lot of people struggle with self-loathing for a lot of reasons. Some are sold the lie that they don’t deserve love. Some are told that they will always be oppressed because of the color of their skin or their sex. , Some are terribly abused, and some made bad choices.

With God, whatever those reasons are don’t matter.
Moses started off the child of a slave that was supposed to be murdered as soon as he was born, but God had a plan.

David a sheppard boy who brought a rock to a sword fight with a giant, with God he became such a brilliant King that thousands of years later people who have never been to Isreal, never gone to Church or synagogue know his name.

Joseph was hated enough by all of his brothers that they thought about killing him but sold him into slavery instead, he ended up in prison. But by God’s grace, he became the second most important person in all of Egypt and the one responsible for saving a huge portion of the people in the then known world who would have starved to death without him.

Saul was a hunter of Christians who wanted them dead, or at least in prison, but God was even able to forgive him, and he became Paul who wrote most of the New Testament.

Stop thinking that you are a basket case, God can do mighty things with you. Don’t buy the lie that you are a victim, don’t buy the lie that you are too old, too poor, too stupid or whatever you think you are.  While we are all marred by sin, we were also made in the image of God.  Let that image shine.
Aim for the stars, you might not make it, but aim for them anyway, and be amazed by how far you go when you realize that it’s God’s opinion of you that matters most.