The Journey Of Discipleship | Bible Study – Grace Over Pain

The word discipleship is gotten from the word disciple. Since this is a bible study, it’s very important we understand the keywords used. As such, there is no way we can talk about discipleship without understanding what a disciple is. The aim of this study is to help us understand the 7 steps we must take on our journey of discipleship. At the end of this study, readers should be able to understand the costs and the gains that come with being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Now let’s see who a disciple is. Who is a disciple? The word disciple has its origin from Latin and it means to learn or to be a learner. Google has the following definitions for us to consider. Student or follower of some doctrine or teacher.One who embraces and assists in spreading the teaching of another.*One who submits his or herself to the discipline and teaching of a leader or way.

Source: The Journey Of Discipleship | Bible Study – Grace Over Pain