Secular Churches Rethink Their Sales Pitch – The Atlantic

When Justina Walford moved to New York City nine years ago, she’d never felt more alone. She’d left behind her Church, her God, and her old city, Los Angeles. Then a secular congregation called Sunday Assembly filled the spiritual void—at least for a time.Walford had just turned 40. As a child, she had been deeply religious. Her parents had no interest in religion, and didn’t understand why she would; they’d sent her to a Christian school in hopes of good discipline and education. But Justina fell headlong into faith, delighting in her Church community and dreaming of one day becoming a pastor herself.By the time she turned up in New York, her faith had long since unraveled, a casualty of overseas travel that made her question how any one religious community could have a monopoly on truth. But still she grieved the loss of God. “It was like breaking up with someone that you thought was your soulmate,” Walford told me. “It’s for the better. It’s for your own good,” she remembered thinking. Even though it no longer made sense to her to believe, she felt a gaping hole where her Church—her people, her psalms, her stained-glass windows—used to be.Then Walford read an article about Sunday Assembly, a community started in Great Britain in 2013 that had spread quickly across the Atlantic to her doorstep. Members gather on Sundays, sing together, listen to speakers, and converse over coffee and donuts. Meetings are meant to be just like Church services—but without God. “ shed her faith, she joined a large and fast-growing group—the “nones,” or the religiously unaffiliated. According to data from the latest version of the Public Religion Research Institute’s annual “American Values Atlas,” 25 percent of Americans today are religiously unaffiliated, up from single digits in the 1990s. Among young people, that number is 39 percent. Those numbers describe not

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Fishers of Men

On many occasions I have heard stories from non-Christians talking about how they started building a relationship with a Christian, sometimes it is a person they work with, sometimes it is someone they knew in school…, but the moment the Christian found out they they were non-Christians, the Christian started acting like talking to a non-Christian would kill them! This is incredibly rude, makes non-Christians believe we are liars when we say that we have a God of love, and chases them AWAY from Christianity! This is NOT how Christians are supposed to behave! 
We are supposed to be fishers of men. 

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It’s OK even John the Baptist doubted at the end, and Jesus still loved him! – Smart

We all think of John the Baptist as a giant of the faith, and he certainly played a huge part in the Christian faith. He was the first son of a woman that was too old to have babies without divine intervention. He was the first mere human outside of Mary, and maybe Joseph to recognize Jesus divinity by actually jumping for joy in his mother’s womb when Mary spoke. Luke 1:39-44 He preached the coming of Jesus as was prophesied Matthew 3 :1-3
He witnessed a divine sight when he baptized Jesus. Matthew 3:16-17
And he even challenged the morality of the King! Mark 6: 17-18.
Which is something that no one who values their life did in those days, but John did what God told him to do!
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Look for the Divine, but don’t miss the significant

jesus_manger     My Bible study today included Luke 1:46- Luke 2:26   The Jews were expecting a conquering divine king, what they got wasn’t even close to what they expected. They had a humble baby, that had come from a questionable pregnancy (She wasn’t officially married when she got pregnant.), Who was laying in basically an animal feeding dish. His birth was attended by lowly shepherds and farm animals. (The wise men came later) Most people would feel that this was a sorry lot for anyone, especially for the King of Kings!
Yet significant things had happened. Zacharias had stayed too long in the temple doing his priestly duty, when he came out he could no longer speak. Elisabeth was barren and considered too old to get pregnant, yet she did. Zacharias regained his speech immediately after letting it be known that his child’s name was John, which was an unusual name to pick in that culture. Mary didn’t get divorced or stoned after she got pregnant, which would have been very common after getting mysteriously pregnant. The strange behavior of the priest and the widow in the temple when they came to circumcise Jesus…
These were not knock everyone on their knees in awe miracles, but they were significant, and they certainly were not the type of miracles that people were expecting.
Yet they led to one of the greatest miracles of all when Jesus walked out of the grave!
Just because you don’t see God working on your life, and you haven’t had any miracles in your life so powerful that put you on the floor doesn’t mean that he isn’t working. Keep your eyes open for the significant!