Think Divinely – Renewal of All Things

What keeps many from believing in God is all the evil they see happening around them: wars, random shootings, rapes and the like. There is a sense of injustice within humanity’s soul. We know something isn’t right, yet we can’t quite put our finger on it. That’s because we were created to be in a perfect place but something happened. We were given a choice—to obey God or to go our own way. We chose the latter (Genesis 3). Oh, how I long for the renewal of all things. As I age, as I see the news, as I am saddened by many things happening in the world today, my heart longs for that lost paradise. When God created us, He placed us in a garden where all of our needs were met and things were most peaceful. But we all know the end of that story. Thank goodness that wasn’t the final ending! There is the promise of things being restored, someday.

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