Put your phone in the back seat!

This is not my usual subject matter, but I felt a need to post this anyway.
Everyone thinks that they are too smart to forget the baby in the back seat. Those people who actually have left their baby in the back seat and paid the ultimate price for that mistake thought they were too smart too.
Have you ever had to go back inside to grab your car keys or your phone, to check to see if you locked your doors? Have you ever forgot to pick up a prescription or a gallon of milk at the store? If you have ever forgotten anything there is a risk that you will forget your child, especially if you are like 99% of parents and feel like you are sleepwalking through life for at least three months after your child is born. There will be other times when your life is thrown off schedule that you will be at risk.

. Since you should not be using your cell phone while driving anyway, leave your phone in the back seat of your car when you are driving. Odds are great that you have been remembering your cell phone for years now, you may even be within arm’s length of your phone 24/7. If your phone is in the back seat, perhaps in a bag big enough to prevent it from falling through any space between the seats, you are basically guaranteeing that you will start to miss it within minutes of leaving your car. When looking for your phone you will find your child.

Even if a child isn’t in there today, but there is a possibility of the child being in the car in the next week or even next month.. Make it as strong of a habit as your need to keep your cell phone on you is. Your child and everyone who shares the road with you while you are not looking down at your phone will thank you!

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