Look for the Divine, but don’t miss the significant

jesus_manger     My Bible study today included Luke 1:46- Luke 2:26   The Jews were expecting a conquering divine king, what they got wasn’t even close to what they expected. They had a humble baby, that had come from a questionable pregnancy (She wasn’t officially married when she got pregnant.), Who was laying in basically an animal feeding dish. His birth was attended by lowly shepherds and farm animals. (The wise men came later) Most people would feel that this was a sorry lot for anyone, especially for the King of Kings!
Yet significant things had happened. Zacharias had stayed too long in the temple doing his priestly duty, when he came out he could no longer speak. Elisabeth was barren and considered too old to get pregnant, yet she did. Zacharias regained his speech immediately after letting it be known that his child’s name was John, which was an unusual name to pick in that culture. Mary didn’t get divorced or stoned after she got pregnant, which would have been very common after getting mysteriously pregnant. The strange behavior of the priest and the widow in the temple when they came to circumcise Jesus…
These were not knock everyone on their knees in awe miracles, but they were significant, and they certainly were not the type of miracles that people were expecting.
Yet they led to one of the greatest miracles of all when Jesus walked out of the grave!
Just because you don’t see God working on your life, and you haven’t had any miracles in your life so powerful that put you on the floor doesn’t mean that he isn’t working. Keep your eyes open for the significant!