Why didn’t Mary recognize the resurrected Jesus?

I watch a lot of videos of soldiers coming home early from their tour of duty.
They have mother’s, wives, and children who know them well and have had video phone calls with their loved ones, yet some of them don’t seem to recognize their loved ones when they see them. Why? It is something they don’t expect to see. Our brains tend to be lazy in a way, instead of fully processing everything it sees, it just fills in the blanks for us. That tactic sometimes works, but other times it fails us.
paris     Many of you did not notice an error in this image. Most of us have heard the sentence “I love Paris in the springtime.”  So that is what most of us read, but really the word THE is in this sentence too many times.  It takes us a moment or two to see it because we don’t expect to.  I suspect that something similar to this happened to Mary when she was near Christ tomb. None of us expect to see a dead man walking. Her brain knew that Jesus was dead, so it took a few moments for her to realize that he was alive again.

The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus
by Gary R. Habermas , Michael R. Licona