People don’t die for something that they know to be a lie.

The night before Jesus trial all of Christ closest friends either flat out betrayed him, or let him down. Not only did Judas get him killed, but Jesus who was so stressed out that he was sweating blood (Luke 22:44) a process known as Hematidrosis Jesus ask his friends to stay up and pray for him, yet they fell asleep twice! Then when he was arrested they scattered like cowards, to make matters worst Peter denied him three times. This doesn’t paint a picture of brave men who would be willing to die for anything, yet three days later Jesus rose from the dead, and these very same cowards who ran away when Jesus needed them most, suddenly became brave enough that they endured stonings, torture, prison, and even long torturous deaths.

Why would they deal with all this, if they knew that Jesus was still dead?  They would not! They knew how dangerous it would be for them when they started telling the world about Jesus. Many of them endured minor beatings that would have discouraged them if they didn’t know it was dangerous to preach.  Yet they kept on preaching even as the persecutions got worse.  Some of the Disciples were still alive when the Great Fire of Rome happened that Christians we accused of causing which caused the persecutions to get worse, yet they kept on preaching.
In one way they are similar, both sets of people believed that they are dying for the truth. If the resurrection were a lie the disciples would have known it, and the cowards that ran away the night that Jesus was arrested would have never of became some of the bravest men that the world has ever known.

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