Are you praying to God, or just moving your mouth?

Woman praying        Have you ever told someone you were fine when you were actually feeling terrible?
It is like we are programmed to tell people we are fine. We don’t intend on lying, it is just a reflex like pulling your hand back when your hand gets too close to the stove, you don’t think about it, you just do it.

I think our prayers can get like that. I know multiple seasoned citizens who have been saying the exact same prayer before eating as they were taught when they were three.
You have to wonder, are they actually expressing their gratitude to God for their food, or are they just reflexively saying the words that they were taught to say decades ago?
Ask yourself that same question, Are you really talking to God when you bow your head, or just moving your mouth? If your answer is uncertain or in the negative try re-reading the Psalms. There are some great players in there. Look for inspiration to change up your prayers a bit.  Just changing a sentence or two can refocus your mind to actual prayer. And don’t forget to ask God to help you focus on him.