angry business woman with boxing gloves on a white background

This world can really bring you down.  There are so many destructive philosophies in the world. Then when you try to point them out in hopes of helping people, you end up getting called names, and sometimes even more.  Even the toughest folks can get worn down when they face that enough.

Getting jaded helps no one! It doesn’t help your relationship with God, it makes you tired and cranky, which hurts your health, ruins personal relationships, and I certainly don’t recommend trying to witness to people about the Good News, when you are acting like you were weaned on a pickle! Yes, I am guilty of being jaded myself so believe me when I understand your “valid” reasons.  Yet, unless your goals in life involve acting like a sourpuss,  they are not really valid reasons at all.

One of the easiest things in the world seems to be assuming that if you know something, everyone else knows it too and if you believe that they know how evil that they are it makes everything in the world seem darker.  But do they really know how evil they are?
I am sure that some do, but many don’t. Very few people wake up one day and say that they are going to do something incredibly evil.

Ephesians 4:17-18