I have a key that will unlock a puzzling mystery

There was a time here in the U.S. where almost everyone was a Christian. Even if they were not they were at least brought up in a culture that was steeped in Christianity, most of their friends, teachers, and co-workers were probably Christian. In that kind of environment everyone, Christian or not was familiar with the Christian Worldview. many of them had adopted parts of the Christian worldview without even knowing that is what it was.  Very little pre-evangelism was needed.
Nowadays it is possible to go most of your life knowing very little about real Christianity. Even worse there are so many myths floating around about Christianity, they may think they know about us, but they really don’t. Convincing them to become Christian, would be like convincing you to fix an airplane if you have never been in one. You would have to learn a lot before you were willing to touch any of the wires inside!

For example most people in America today would think you were lying if you told them that we were not to blame for the Crusades, there are actually people who think that Hitler was a Christian! (The Muslims had been attacking Christian run areas for hundreds of years before we finally fought back, no we were not 100% innocent in the situation, but we were far from the instigators of it. )  (Jesus is Jewish,  Hitler murdered Jews. The idea that Hitler worshiped a Jew is ridiculous!)

We must do better at answering these commonly held objections against Christianity if we are going to be efficient at spreading the Gospel.