Some people won’t listen.

Christ's tomb

Few people include the resurrection of Lazarus in with the resurrection of Jesus, but it did play an important part.
John 11:45-53 Tells us that it was actually the reason why the plot to kill Jesus was hatched.  Something that should have brought great joy to everyone, brought fear and hate out in the leaders of the day. That is why they sought to kill the giver of life. They just had to be the center of attention!  They would rather kill Jesus than lose their place in society! Jesus was murdered because he made powerful claims about himself, and verified those claims with awesome miracles, including the resurrection of Lazarus.
Yet something in their lives was preventing them from seeing the obvious.

It’s heartbreaking to realize that some people will never come to Christ. The people who were convinced that Jesus should die, by the resurrection of Lazarus had to know the truth down deep in their hearts. These people had been studying the Hebrew Testament their entire lives. Some of those prophecies are hard to miss, yet these experts in the Hebrew Bible missed them. Some might say that they were afraid of a new war between the Romans and the Jews, but in the face of Lazarus resurrection why would they be?

No matter how much evidence you give to some people, they will not accept the truth of it. It isn’t your fault if you made the effort, that is all that you can do.  if they are willing to take your phone number or e-mail address give it to them, in case they later change their minds. Learn what you can from the encounter, live like Christ wants you too, seek advice from another Christian that you trust, and pray for them.  Maybe they will be ready to listen to you, or another Christian on another day. Leave the rest up to Christ.