Gratitude Attitude
I was just reading my Facebook memories from a few years back and came across an old post that was that was made during a recovery from a bad ice storm we had.
I was glad that my power was back on and that I could finally get warm, I was glad that the food in my freezer had stayed frozen (at least two of my friends lost their food during the power outage.).  I then realized that I probably had not thanked God for things like electricity and warmth during the winter months in a long time.  Here in America, we have so much to be grateful for.  There are people in the world that don’t even have indoor plumbing! While there are dangers here, we all have a realistic expectation of coming home again when we leave our house. Some are not so lucky.  Are you grateful for your friends and loved ones, or do you take them for granted?

If you woke up in the morning with only the things that you are grateful for today, would you still consider your life worth living?  Every once in a while we need to make a list of everyone and everything that you are grateful for that includes things like running water that is drinkable, indoor plumbing, heaters, and air conditioners,  think about what your life would be like without those things, and then thank God for those things.

Is God’s Jealousy Petty?

When reading some of the comments about this video, one stuck out to me. A father was saying that his ex-wife recently married someone else, and then she told his kids to start calling her new husband Daddy. Can you imagine someone telling your kids to address them as their rightful parent? If you loved and supported your kids the way good parents do, it would make you furious! You loved them since before they were born, you supported them, you watched them grow which made you love them more and more, then suddenly someone tells your kids to throw that love and dedication away as if it never existed. They are supposed to love someone else, the way that they love you. Would you be petty if this made you mad? I don’t think so. Love isn’t just an emotion, when rightfully placed it lets us know who is safe, who will support us when things go wrong, whose advise to trust the most. While there are exceptions to the rule, most of the time kids do better when they are raised with both blood parents. A caring parent would be right to be jealous of this new “parent”.
It is the same with God. When people start following someone other than him, the thing, or being that is worshiped doesn’t care half as much as he does. No other so called deity is always right the way he is. When we put someone or something above him, he knows there will be trouble for his beloved child, and that there is a chance that their new allegiance will end up hurting others as well. So no, God is not being petty when he wants us to put him above everyone else.