The Prosperity Gospel

One of common myths in church today is the belief that if we do everything right, and have enough faith our lives on Earth will be filled with health, wealth, and happiness. While we will certainly avoid falling into many traps the world lays for us if we continually follow the word of God, there is one person who followed God’s will perfectly from birth. That person is Christ. He, however, lived a life of poverty, rejection from people he loved and experienced one of the most painful murders that mankind has ever created.
The disciples were far from perfect, after Christ Resurrection when they had all actually walked and talked with him I doubt a single human has ever had more faith than them, yet they endured poverty, imprisonment, torture, and most an excruciating death. Yes, we have joy, but not the kind that you get when you win the lottery, the kind of joy that you get when you walk out of a prison cell and know that no matter what happens you are on your way home to someone who loves you more than his very life.  If Jesus did not have enough faith to experience the kind of prosperity that many preach about today, NO ONE HAS!