The longest way around

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“The longest way round is the shortest way home.
Said by Alexander MacLaren, and quoted by C.S. Lewis

I didn’t read these words in context so my interpretation of these words may not be what either person had in mind.

When mapping out a long trip, it seems as if you should always go the straightest shortest path, but there is a problem with that path, cities get in the way, these cities have many stop signs, lights, and other roadblocks in the way, by the time you have handled the slower city traffic, you would have done better to take the longer path that bypasses the city.

We humans can be a hard-headed lot, once we make up our mind, getting us to change our mind is like a city traffic jam, we have so many things that get in the way, that a bypass would have been in order.

Bypassing the roadblocks that our mind puts up can be as simple as a good book, tv show, or movie. Stories about a Little Red Hen having to turn a wheat seed into a loaf of bread, all by herself, then eating it all by herself are more effective than having to explain to a child over and over again why they should help with the chores.

If you pay close attention many tv shows have used this technique to change the culture. Stories about aliens who are white on one side of their face and black on the other who fight each other to extinction, pepper our culture.  When Nichelle Nichols the black actress who played Nyota Uhura on Star Trek wanted to quit the show, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. talked her out of it, because as a black female on the bridge of a ship, she was having a huge effect on the culture.  She said that she wanted to march with him, He said, “‘No, no, no. No, you don’t understand. We don’t need you to march. You are marching. You are reflecting what we are fighting for.’”

C.S. Lewis did this very effectively when he wrote The Chronicles of Narnia there are multiple Christian ideas in those books, and many non-Christians who would never touch a Bible have enjoyed learning about these Christian concepts and those lessons that they learned in the story form a bypass in that person’s mind to make the Gospel easier to understand and accept.

Stories are important and effect this world more than most know.

I highly recommend that every Christian child and adult read the Chronicles of Narnia and other books by C.S. Lewis He changed the Christian Church and the world for the better.