Chinese Christians Get Their First Bible!

Does it warm your heart to see people so excited about getting a Bible? It warms mine! Seeing the love that they have for the Bible makes me believe that they will read it from cover to cover, over and over again. Many people have given their lives so that we could have the privedge, and responsibily to read it for ourselves.

With other books by people like Steven King, we will buy a book, read it in a weekend, friend them on Facebook and Twitter, than hurry back to the store to buy every Steven King book that they carry.

When it comes to the Bible however we will follow along with our preacher on Sunday, maybe read a small devotional with one or two verses a day, and that is about it. When we only read what the preacher tells us to read, it’s not God’s Book we are reading, we are just reading his twitterized review of it. He may or may not be taking it severely out of context. If he does all of our reading for you, you will never know if he is reading it correctly.

It is well past time that we start giving God at least as much respect that we give to Steven King, please read the whole book.