Being Brave

At the first Lord’s Supper, Jesus said that one of his disciples would betray him, the response has always left me wondering, they all wanted to know would they be the one to betray Jesus!  Judas was just trying to hide his guilt, but the rest left me wondering.
Then I realized in a way they all did! The others fell asleep three times when we asked them to stay awake. They scattered like sheep when they realized that Jesus would be arrested. Peter denied Jesus three times that night. As a human, I know that it had been an emotion-filled feast day. They were tired, filled with emotion,  and had been up all day.  Which one of us hasn’t stolen a few extra winks on Thanksgiving Day?  As for the rest, they were scared out of their wits and confused, the conquering Messiah that they had expected had just been arrested, and would certainly die! However, the fact still remains that they fell asleep and ultimately abandon their King!  A very serious offense!

Yet, on that glorious Sunday morning, these eleven tired chickens gained the courage to endure torture. imprisonment. and even death for the very same Jesus that they had abandoned. How did it happen?
Jesus resurrection was proof positive that death isn’t the end! The Jesus that was powerful enough to escape death,  is powerful enough to do anything. Yes, the flesh is weak, but our spirits can rest knowing that if God doesn’t rescue you from whatever fires you are currently enduring, he will heal you and bring you to a place fit for the creator of the universe when the fire has died down.  You are free to face this world with all the courage needed in your situation!

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