Why people want to fight when you witness to them.

angry business woman with boxing gloves on a white background I was talking to a friend of mine today, we have differences in the way we view the world, but our talks are always civil. Today’s issue was why people get so angry when they disagree nowadays. It is like they want a real fight!
The woman that I was talking to always wears heels. They are kind of a lifestyle to her. Some time ago, however, she hurt her foot and was suddenly forced to wear flat shoes. Suddenly her centre of gravity was thrown off, and the way her feet moved when she walked had to change. It was a difficult transition for her.
I realized that changing foundational beliefs would be a lot like that.

You build your life around certain ideas, and when one of those ideas are challenged it throws your centre of gravity off. You may have to change whom you trust, how you behave, who you hang out with, you may even start to regret things from the past, that you thought were right at the time… accepting new truths can set off a chain of changes. Many people hate change, and most people hate big changes, even if the change is good, like moving into a better house it throws you off balance and that can make you cranky.

The next time that you try to convince a person of something new, keep in mind that you could be turning this person’s world upside down, a little pushback is to be expected even with reasonable people who are ready to hear what you have to say. Knowing this will make a bad attitude easier to handle.